Fundamentals of Healing II

The following are additional fundamentals of healing, especially as it relates to hurtful and painful experiences in life.

1. Look Ahead:

Developing hope for the future and  accepting that your past does not define nor determines your future is critical in the healing process. Focus on the new things going on right now in your life as against doweling on things you could not control.

See what God is doing in your life and believe in your worth, greatness, and value as ascribed to you by God. It is a new day!!!!. See your life from the lens of possibility, knowing that if you survived what you did, then there must be something greater that you are yet to experience in life.

2. Accept:

That you are able to move on with life and enjoy life as it should be. Come to terms with the truth of what does experiences have taught you and how you can use them to help others. Re-envision the possibilities that life brings without these self- imposed limitations.

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