Family Dynamics & Addiction Relapse

When you love a recovering alcoholic or drug addict, you may feel a huge sense of relief when she or he agree to go into treatment and get sober. You want to believe that all the bad times are behind you. But if your loved one ends up relapsing, it can be devastating for you. Relapse are not common. Although relapse doesn\’t happen to everyone who gets sober, it does happen to a lot of people.  For some, relapse is part of the journey of sobriety. The recovering alcoholic or drug addict may have to make certain mistakes in order to clearly understand the steps he or she needs to take in order to remain sober long -term. it may take time to recognize triggers and truly admit that the disease of addiction is ongoing and is stronger than the individual.

Going through this can be very difficult for families and friends. You may experience a wide range of volatile, negative emotions. But there are some things you should not do if your loved one pick up a drink or a drug.

1. Do not Blame yourself.

2. Do not get so Angry that you say things that would hinder your ability to be supportive to him or her when they will need such support from you. in order words do not destroy your ability to be part of their journey when they seek to re-engage with recovery.

3. Do not give up hope.

Provide support with defined boundaries.

4. Do your best to understand addiction and relapse processes.

5. Avoid being a trigger to your loved one by enabling him or her and providing an environment of un-necessary safety that may hinder them from hitting their bottom.

6. Seek professional help for yourself.

7. Stay engaged with healthy support group / network.

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