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New Life Foundation Recovery Inc Family & Addiction Therapy/Education Program:

Addiction of all types significantly impacts every Member of the Family, the individual who is addicted and his or her family as well.

We believe that “Addiction is a Family Diseases” in the Sense that once, there is a family member struggling with the Disease of Addiction, everyone who is within his or her orbit will be affected by it.

Our Vision

“Equal Vaccination Opportunity & Accessibility for all People”

New Life Foundation Recovery Twelve Step Program

Here at New Life Foundation Recovery Inc, we believe that Change and Transformation is possible. And as such, we provide an environment that fosters unconditional Positive Self – Regards, to the Individuals and Families whose lives has been affected by Addiction.

Part of the Programs we offer is the “Twelve Steps Program” which has proven to be an effective Treatment, Recovering, and Sustainable pathway to Living Soberly.

Our Mission

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