Morgan Ikonne

Director of New Life Foundation Recovery Inc

Morgan Ikonne is also a seasoned, gifted, and well experienced clinician, whose expertise in Drug, Alcoholic, Family & Individual Counseling & Therapy spans several years. He is a very passionate expert with a human touch as it relates to service provision in Human Services field where he has employed his Skills, Expertise in helping bring change and hope in the lives of individual and families dealing with Opioid Addiction and / other forms of substance use disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder.

Morgan Ikonne was the Head Counselor / Assistant Director of Program of Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Wilmington Delaware for 4 years and has worked as Senior Clinical Counselor for Connections CSP at Plummer Community Correctional Center Wilmington Delaware for 3 years. His clinical acumen is undoubtedly exceptional as witnessed by the testimonial of his clientele.

Morgan Ikonne has been in the forefront of Community Health Care Services for over 15 years, and he believes strongly in the innate goodness of all people as such he embraces diversity and approaches his Clientele with an Unconditional Positive Self Regard that is seen in his highly effective Clinical and therapeutic approach to Family Counseling & Therapy, Individual & Group Therapy as well as in Family Addiction Education & Therapy Sessions that he provides.

He is the Director of New Life Foundation, and he brings a unique evidenced based, Faith oriented approach to those individuals and families dealing with substance use disorder, and other forms Disorder in New Castle County, the State of Delaware and around the Tri – States area.

 His philosophical and clinical orientation rest on the fact that substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder and all other forms of disorder are a chronic disease that touches the core elements of one’s constitution, therefore, can only be addressed by embracing a Holistic Treatment approach that includes – Faith & Spirituality Based Treatment Approach, Evidenced Based Therapies and most importantly the Saving Power of the Cross of Christ.

Morgan Ikonne holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology & Religion, a Master of Divinity Degree, and another Master of Science Degree in General Psychology. He is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in the State of Delaware and holds Certifications in Drug and Alcohol Counseling (CAADC & ICAADC) respectively from DCB and IC& RC.

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