Stigmatization and Addiction

Stigmatization is one of the many factors that often hinders early treatment for many individuals struggling with SUD and it does not only affect their willingness to seek for treatment, but also affect their family members in such ways that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally withdrawn and often begin to isolate and dissociate with their loved one due to how society and other family members view them.

You may have been a victim of stigmatization and you may be wondering what could I do or is there anything there to do? Yes, there are so many evidenced based therapies and responses that if applied could help provide you with the necessary tools for overcoming stigmatization.

Let consider the following:

1. Recognize and accept that you cannot change the perception and opinion of others about you or your loved one struggle with substance use disorder.

2. Understand that stigmatization is rooted in unfolded myth and that often those who stigmatize you are ignorant of what you are going through, therefore, it is meaningless for you to allow their opinion define you.

3. Develop and establish healthy support network of people of like mind who could assist you in navigating through the difficulties of dealing with SUD.

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