Family Dynamic and Addiction

It is not an unknown fact that drug and addiction like any other chronic disease changes the dynamics of a family in such a way that it becomes often had to regain such dynamics even after such individual has recovered from addiction.

Therefore, it is imperative that families are prepared for the long-haul as it relates to the realities of how drug and alcohol addiction will impact their family dynamics. Such preparation should include:

1. Effective and continual Addiction Education that addresses the questions of how to navigate through these changes.

2. Establishment of interventative and Preventative support system for both the family and the family member who is struggling with addiction.

3. Development of an open line of communication that is non- judgemental toward the addicted family member.

4. Defining the structural frame upon which the family will participate in the recovery process of the family member, meaning, to what extent is the family going to be involved with such things as financial support, and co-currant additive issues and legal issues.

5. How to assist in the re-integration of the family member . 

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