Disease of Addiction

The various forms of Drug dependency  on alcohol, cocaine, heroin, etc are subcategories of addictive disease. This grouping of related disorders in much the same way that \”heart disease\” represents a number of cardiological conditions. Despite their obvious difference, they all share certain key features. They are \”Chronic\” meaning they  last a long time. They are progressive, meaning they worsen over time, with one complication often leading to the next. They are primary disorder, meaning they possess their own etiology, symptoms, and course, and can therefore, be separated  from coexisting conditions such as depression,bipolar, and anxiety disorders. All addictions are potentially Fatal – they directly or indirectly decrease the life expectancy of their victims.

Therefore, when an individual has established addictive tendencies or an obvious pathology of addictive predisposition is in fore, it becomes necessary that immediate remedies be sought as a way of addressing and curtailing the possible fatal outcomes of addictive disease. Preventative measures must become one of the advancing methods / options to be employed in our fight against the epidemic of drug addiction in our Nation. Such preventive mechanisms as Proactive Sensitization in our Middle Schools, High Schools, Religious Institutions, Community Organizations, and the likes.

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